" En el trancurso de mi vida he conocido sólo a una o dos personas que comprendieran el Arte de Caminar , ..."
Henry David Thoreau


101226d_The wish to walk

I found the following article ... but I did not fly in busisnessclass.

And I've been impressed by their common sensitivity.
It seems that was written specifically for this blog and I assume he knows Thoreau, Emerson, and many more than I, of course.

The magazine is distributed free of charge and have not copyright notes (?)
With due warning, I dare to disclose this valuable article.

 " My experience as a hiker is closer to that of Paul Claudel
than to someone who is obliged to walk.
Like those of the writer, my rambles
seek the personality of each tree and the voice of each place,
the harmony between the things that make up the world,
one landscape at a time.

There was a time when geographers wanted to teach walkers
To be intelligent travellers", seekers
of style not only in the different arts but in the valleys and rivers.
To this end, one should always give each place a chance
to demonstrate its charm.

We mustn't lose these places through hurrying.
For a contemplative person, a single landscape should be inexhaustible.

Maybe the old geographers didn't fail,
because we have shown that walking at the right pace
allows you to see the natural rhythms,
and to find your place among the world's things.

A veteran walker accumulates subtle knowledge
And builds mental models of landscapes,
Assimilates them into his inner life,
and integrates himself into the natural rhythms, into the cadence of the forests
and learns that rushing about is indifferent to anything except its own agitation.

In any case, one learns that the pace of one's wandering
should be that of life itself,
so that the landscapes form a part of it,
and the walkers become part of the landscape.

And so I come back to the idea that this effort may not have purpose,
but it does make sense".

Many thanks to professor  Martínez de Pisón

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